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At Harvest Retail we have a reputation for delivering a low cost high value proposition to all our dealers.

As one of the largest independent suppliers and blenders of motor fuels, we are dedicated to retaining our reputation by continuing to deliver high quality fuels, services and customer standards within a culture of stress-free practices.

Becoming a Harvest Retail dealer means you gain so much more when you sign with us. All service stations are under pressure to compete, differentiate and improve themselves in today’s tough economic markets whilst answering the needs of our ever critical and aware customers. Building and maintaining a loyal customer base has never been so difficult nor so business critical, that is why Harvest Retail is committed to delivering and helping you deliver better customer experiences and ultimately better business results.

Uniforms & Site point of sale

When employees all wear a uniform it creates a unified image for the company. Team members are easily identifiable, a key factor for a retail situation where customers want to know who works there when they need assistance. The uniform creates a professional appearance and sets the standard that customers and clients expect to see. The uniforms also help create a sense of unity among the team. The Harvest Retail Uniforms reflect the same professional and sharp image as the external branding on your site.

Harvest Retail Staff Garments

In an average day someone will make eye contact with around 27 roadside posters, 14 bus adverts and by taking a trip on the tube, they will come across an average of 74 adverts, according to a piece of research conducted into the outdoor advertising sector. It is therefore vital that a great deal of thought and effort goes into our external point of sale to ensure that the key messages of service, product and availability are clear and concise to both walk on and drive-by customers. Quality of print and standard of materials is also a key consideration to alleviate the need to constantly refresh posters and point of sale due to water damage or sun bleaching. All our marketing collateral is free of charge to our dealer network and has been designed to meet the needs of a variety of offers from C-store, valet, and quality service through to speciality fuels, oil and services to the customer.

Harvest Energy Forecourt Signage
Image installation service

No two forecourts are the same. Each new Harvest Retail site is carefully surveyed and measured prior to production to ensure the Brand’s crisp image is maintained to the highest standards once installed. Using the latest low energy units, the Harvest Brand is fresh, bright and energy efficient, with a unique differentiating day and night time image to give your site a very individual and inviting look.

Before installation
Total High Street Boston before transformation to Harvest Energy.
Total, High Street, Boston, Lincolnshire before transformation to Harvest Energy.
After installation
Harvest Energy High Street Boston
Re-branded – Harvest Energy High Street, Boston, Lincolnshire.
Focus on SPAR
Harvest Energy team up with global giants SPAR.

Harvest Energy team up with global giants SPAR. SPAR are the biggest symbol brand operators in the forecourt sector with approximately over 700 stores. Fuel for their SPAR branded forecourts is supplied exclusively by Harvest Energy. The SPAR/Harvest Energy alliance offers retailers a host of benefits aimed at making their combined forecourt and shop business more profitable and more appealing. One of our recently completed sites situated in Pickering, North Yorkshire, B & M Harland Ltd, was formerly branded BP and since the changeover fuel sales, shop sales and average basket spend have increased significantly and certainly beyond their expectations. Feedback from the public on the transformation has also been overwhelmingly positive. B&M Harland were the first in the UK to move across to the fully branded SPAR forecourt and shop, and more sites are already in the pipeline.

Harvest Energy SPAR forecourt, Pickering, North Yorkshire.Harvest Energy SPAR forecourt, Pickering, North Yorkshire.

“The SPAR fuel branding was attractive on a number of important levels. We wanted more independence in the running of the business, and were frustrated by the costs associated with the major oil companies. The pricing is very competitive, allowing me to compete in the market and make good margins, while offering high quality fuel from Harvest Energy.”

“The personal touch and real feel of partnership were also important elements, as SPAR and Harvest Energy worked with me to develop my entire offering, shop and forecourt. This is a new start for my business and I’m very excited about the future.”

Geoff Harland, director of B&M Harland, SPAR forecourt, Pickering, North Yorkshire, UK.

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